IDM (Innovative Dance Music) Productions is a San Luis Obispo based event company that creates unique concert
experiences. IDM events primarily feature electronic music acts but also include visual arts, performing arts,
and philanthropic activities. These events include indoor concerts, fundraising programs, and multi-day outdoor
festivals. Currently, IDM Productionsí events are held within San Luis Obispo county with plans to expand throughout
California by 2018.


To bring like-minded people together around music while positively impacting society.


To create unique event scapes, music lineups, and workshops that benefit the those attending while fostering a
community of forward-thinking individuals.


IDM Mixcloud

DJ's: Sean Raya (Funk'N Deep Records, Pyramids Podcast), Big Eye, Golden Boy, Larry Wisdom (Wisdom Inc., Imune),
BD HBT (Good Nature Collective), Gib Sun (Divine Species), Khalon (Good Vibe Tribe), Chuwee (Reptile Society),
Keegs (Reptile Society), Slothmoth, DJ Groz, FreakyBro, Acid Cheese, Victor Zellweger, Nic Justice,
Jacob Cuellar, Dom, Megan Chiang, Snuffy (Good Nature), Clayu (Reptile Society), Nozu, Destined, Sonoh